Instrument Repair and Adjustment

Repairing, restoring or adjusting your instrument

Virtuoso Strings is highly selective in whom they contract to set up, repair and adjust instruments. They only make use of the services of true specialists in the field of stringed instrument making and restoration - formally trained individuals with extensive professional experience.

At Virtuoso Strings we can help you string up a violin, and fit a new tailpiece or chinrest, but we leave the skilled work to the experts. Clients seeking full setup, repair, restoration or bow hairing services are advised to make direct contact with one of the independent string specialists listed below. These are individuals whose work we can personally vouch for. We also recommend their professionalism, reliability and consistency of work. 

A note about Adie Higginson

Adie is a master string technician and wood craftsman who is so busy making furniture and setting up instruments for Virtuoso Strings that he didn't get around to writing his bio before the new website went live! He lives in Paekakariki with his family, his cats, his rabbits and his chickens. He used to work for The Bristol Violin Shop (for around ten years). You can contact Adie by emailing or calling 04 9050208.

 A note from Hanna Krause

"A classically trained violin maker and repairer, I've been based in Christchurch since 2005.

Being born into a violin making family in Germany, I started my training at the Mittenwald School of Violin Making, after which I worked in shops in the US, Netherlands and Germany. I passed my exam to become a master violin maker in Germany in 2004, before moving to New Zealand to live with my Kiwi partner.

At my workshop at 11 Greenfield Place, Mairehau, I offer set-ups, repair and restoration of violins, violas and cellos at all levels, from beginner to professional player. Depending on available space I'm also happy to work on your double bass.

I offer bow re-hairs and repairs with a choice of two qualities of bow hair. Same day bow re-hairs are available by appointment.

I also make new instruments and have a special interest in baroque instruments. If you are interested in an affordable New-Zealand made instrument, enquire about my student model or you can commission an instrument to your own personal specifications. The waiting time for a new instrument is currently about one to two years, or check out currently available instruments on my website

While this is not the main focus of my shop, I have a small selection of strings and accessories on offer as well as some German-made bows and the occasional older instrument.

I've been involved with setting up instruments for Virtuoso Strings since 2010 and wholly support their goal of offering well set-up instruments to all levels of player. A good set-up isn't just important to get the best sound and performance out of an instument for an advanced player, but also and especially for a beginner. Violin family instruments are not easy to learn you don't want to have to fight a rough factory set-up on the way as well.

To find out more, have a look at my website, call me on (03)385 8715, e-mail me at or just come by.  My opening hours are Monday to Friday,1 to 6 pm or by appointment."